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Site Audits

These audits are conducted in accordance with Australian Standard 4655 - 2005.

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Fire Safety Compliance and Risk Audits

Fire Safety Compliance & Risk Audits / Essential Safety Provisions (ESP) Fire Safety Compliance

Audits are an integral component of the current fire services maintenance standard AS 1851 and AS 3745-2010 Planning of emergencies in facilities and also includes Fire Equipment installations AS-2444 Firetech also provides Annual Fire Safety Certification service but it also offers a standalone service which may be extended and combined with a risk audit to assist building owners, managers and occupiers in meeting their general risk management obligations; their statutory obligation to provide a safe place of work.


As part of the Maintenance Audit, Firetech Services specialised fire practitioner will review any current or previous maintenance record tags or logbooks that are located onsite. All reports and records of maintenance checks, safety measures and repair work should be made available for inspection during the Audit. Based on the information provided, the fire practitioner will determine the maintenance status of any ESPs onsite, whether records are completed satisfactorily and make recommendations for ongoing documentation checks.

This approach allows a quality control check to be completed by an auditor who is independent of the fire service contractor. It can highlight areas where service needs to be improved, outstanding services that are required, either those recommended by the service provider and not yet accepted, or services paid for and not yet completed.

Contact Firetech Services and we will prepare a formal quote and following approval, the process begins. The inspections for your ESP will commence, checking the locations and maintenance of your Essential Safety Provisions

Firetech will issue you detailing inspections completed/pending and any works for rectification. Throughout the year, the service and compliance team identifies any non-compliance items and maintains the Essential Safety Provisions.

Once all inspections and rectification work are completed for the year, we will help you prepare the Form 3 report for Council. Firetech Services will then supply you with updated forms and schedules required for inspection and testing to the Appropriate Australian Standard If required.

Fire Safety Compliance & Risk Audits / Essential Safety Provisions (ESP) Fire Safety Compliance

  • Inspection of all fire safety measures and paths of travel with the building to verify consistency with the nominated standards of performance

  • Verification that fire safety installations are being maintained to the required standards

  • Gap analysis between current fire code requirements and the requirements in force at the time of building construction

  • Identification of adverse housekeeping and management practices presenting increased risk to life and property

  • Verification that storage practices are consistent with sprinkler/hydrant design parameters.

Local Councils and fire-fighting authorities in South Australia are provided with powers under state-building and

development legislation to issue Fire Safety Orders (or similar) to direct property owners to upgrade part or all of a building to comply with contemporary fire safety requirements, despite complying with all requirements as in force at the time of building construction.

Firetech Services can assist property owners in managing their response to such orders.

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