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Fire Hose Reel systems

According to AS 1851 Fire Hose Reel require to be inspected 6 monthly and Annual basis.


Inspection and Testing - Fire Hose Reel Systems

Our safety technicians can inspect and test your equipment as often as you like. The specific frequency of each test may vary based on the nature of your business. We have provided a list of the tests we conduct regularly for clients with fire hose reels however we do encourage you to get in touch to verify your requirements. 

Firetech can supply and install, repair hose reels.

According to the AS1851, specific fire hose reel testing needs to be performed at the following intervals:

Every 6 months

Your technician will check for the following:

  • Accessibility

  • Signage

  • Operating Instructions

  • Damage

  • Testing parts: Nozzle interlock, Swing arm, Unwind

  • Flow

  • Leakage

  • Record Label


Every year

Your technician will check the following:

  • Anchor Points

  • Hose Guide & Fittings

  • Damage in Hose or Bearings

  • Fire Hazards or Obstructions

It is worth considering having your other fire equipment serviced during one of our visits. Contact us for pricing on multi service packages

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